Betterment through knowledge

CUBE : Center for Understanding in Behavioral Economics

CUBE is the research & development arm of prosperfit. Here, we bring prosperfit’s vision to life by building breakthrough knowledge at the intersection of behavioral psychology, microeconomics, and personal finance.

CUBE extensively partners with think-tanks; individuals as well as institutions; to conduct, facilitate & sponsor behavioral studies and their real-life applications across multiple domains.

Research Collaborations

Dr.Abhijeet Chandra
Asst.Professor Finance at VGSOM - IIT Kharagpur, India

Dr.Margherita Calderone 
Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute – London, U.K.

Recently completed / on-going studies –

  • Financial personality and its role in economic decision-making
  • Core factors behind investment decision-making among early-stage employees
  • Financial empowerment of blue-collared workforce
  • Financial fitness at the workplace: Era of the ‘Caring Employer’
  • Evolving role on women in the economy of the home