Become money-fit

Personalized financial fitness platform for individuals.

3 steps to financial fitness

Money IQ ™

Acquiring relevant knowledge

Money EQ ™

Building a balanced Money personality

Unbiased handholding

Making better, well-informed financial decisions

Make brilliant money decisions

  • Financial stress management
  • Earning more
  • Saving efficiently
  • Investing & growing
  • Buying house
  • Become debt-free
  • Securing loved ones
  • Planning for major expenses
  • Preparing for un-foreseen emergencies
  • Starting up on your own
  • Managing disabilities and special needs
  • Income protection
  • Retiring stress-free
  • Affording best education
  • Affording best healthcare


  • Is prosperfit a financial advisory company?

    Not quite. We focus on YOU as a person. We understand your financial challenges and help you overcome them. We understand your financial dreams help you achieve them. Basically, we help you make brilliant money decisions in ALL aspects of your life … using money education, technology and unbiased handholding.

  • Does propserfit take commissions from mutual funds, insurance and other companies from sales of products?

    Strictly no!
    Prosperfit is neutral and hence unbiased. We have NO hidden agenda to unnecessarily pressurize you to purchase financial products that you don’t need.. Our main focus is on make you great with money!
    Think of us as a ‘School for Money’. We help you know your own self better, in terms of your Money EQ ™ & Money IQ™ and build good money habits, become knowledge savvy and take smart steps to avoid getting misled and cheated by others. We earn our humble fees when you subscribe on your knowledge based platform.

  • How secure is prosperfit?

    Completely! We will NEVER misuse your confidential information or share it with anyone unless YOU want us to. We offer bank-grade security and our platform runs on encrypted technology and follows globally certified Information Security Management & Systems.


  • Very unique and must have for all fact, everybody. It is very important to be smart in managing money in today's world with so much uncertainty. My financial personality test taught me things that I would have otherwise not noticed, using this knowledge I feel I can now make decisions on my own rather than leaving it up to my husband to handle.

    Dentist, Mumbai