Financial wellbeing @ workplace

averting hidden distress, promoting financial wellbeing


Employees were measured to be anxious and critically unprepared to handle at least 1 money aspect like planning & budgeting, rising expenses, debt, investing, retirement, higher edu., healthcare, & succession.


Indicated that they entirely depended on their employer’s support for being able to provide for family’s financial needs and security.


Said they’ve faced at least 1 financial stress in past 3 months, but did not know ’what to do’ or ‘whom to ask’, due to the fear of social judgement or of getting mislead.

Financial wellness program for employees

Implementation steps

  • Customized financial wellbeing sessions

    online and offline for diverse employee groups

  • Behavioral assessment – Money IQ, Money EQ reports

    Financial personality needs gap identification

  • Educational content in multiple languages

    Financial empathy & guidance

  • Individualized support

    Financial empathy & guidance

How prosperfit benefits the company

prosperfit’s financial fitness programs deliver measurable outcomes across multiple domains

Happiness & Wellbeing

We measure employees’ money personality and their existing financial stress. Providing them guided steps and motivation to become stress-free.

Diversity & Inclusion

We empower diverse employee cohorts to join mainstream through customized financial awareness & coaching modules, e.g.: Working women, Millennial employees, Senior employees and Blue-collared workforce.

Compensation & Benefits

We help HR leaders leverage workforce analytics for making better people-decisions, e.g. customizing benefits & welfare schemes instead of offering one-size-fits-all.

Learning & Development

We build behavioral competencies in the areas of financial awareness, rational thinking, confidence & decision making ability through content based financial education.

Organization, Culture & Reputation

We help employees’ relieve financial stress and improve productivity by reducing distraction and absenteeism.
Reduce risk of attrition and emotional distress.
Build a high-performance culture based on empathy and care.

Our clients


  • What about my employees’ privacy?

    prosperfit DOES NOT ask for user’s specific info such as exact Salary. We know it’s a confidential info meant to be strictly between HR and the employee.
    Similarly, we DO NOT share an individual’s financial personality report with ANYONE, not even with the company HR or any third party unless specifically authorized by the concerned user.
    Our workforce analytics are macro-level insights about the total population of the employee-base and not identifiable at single employee level.

  • What makes prosperfit unique?

    While prosperfit as a company is young, what makes us truly special is the fact that we’re run by seasoned industry experts with avg. 18 yrs of core mastery in their fields. All our department-heads are Subject Matter Experts who come from successful academic pedigree and professional reputation.
    This really makes prosperfit an Alpha-team of experts who are committed to building a sincere, consumer centric venture, based on Values, Empathy and Intelligence.

  • Can I trust prosperfit?

    prosperfit is a specialist financial fitness platform. We earn our annual subscription income based on our user’s trust and confidence in us.
    We follow a ZERO commission approach. This means, we DO NOT distribute any financial products directly or indirectly (insurance, mutual funds, credit cards, etc.), this is why our solutions are completely un-biased and without any sales-pressure.

  • How does prosperfit store & secure user information?

    prosperfit offers you bank grade security. We adhere to the highest standards of globally recognized ISMS (Information Security Management Systems). We collect only as much info as needed to make smart suggestions. The data is stored in secure servers that are encrypted and safe from theft or misuse. Even our internal team has limited access to this info on ‘need-to-know’ basis only.


    • Chirag Suchak
      Manager-HR, VF Brands

    The critical difference lies in the distinction of information vs. advice. In the information age the information is readily available from multiple sources but Prosperfit distills the wealth of information through the filter of its vast experience & helps you with advice that is actionable, relevant, saves you time and makes you money in the long haul. Prosperfit conducted an engaging knowledge sharing session, at our VF Bangalore office last month wherein all the VF ladies were overwhelmed with the facts shared by team around financial management. Hence, to us, Prosperfit is India’s only financial advisor with a team of enthusiasts who focus on customized viable solutions for their users.

    • Amit Sachdev
      Manager-HR, Tata IQ

    It is important to keep pace with current fast changing economic scenarios, what more important is to be aware of impact specially financial impact in one's healthy life. The Financial Fitness Initiatives and experience connects the unconnected dots and acts as guiding path to take charge of financial wellbeing in one's life.
    I see a value in the initiative in making people plan better financial discipline for self and family future.

    • Sanjay. P
      Coal India

    It becomes quite difficult to bring a large section of employees under a common wellbeing program, while making sure that it stays relevant for each member. The financial fitness software initiative does that while making people feel informed and confident of their financial life. It makes them empowered to plan ahead for more secure future for their families. We found good value in website as well as the customised workshops for various teams.