Democratizing financial well-being.

Education backed-financial empowerment for emerging sections.

Simple सरल सोपे ಸರಳ సాధారణ எளிய

Partnership for education and better financial outcomes


  • Financial awareness
  • Behavioral aptitude
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Financial institutions

  • Micro-finance
  • Micro-Insurance
  • Micro-Investments
  • Micro-entrepreneurship & Skills

Govt. & Social impact organizations

  • Development economics & Public policy
  • Social welfare schemes
  • Development economics & impact funds deployment

Financial empowerment model

  • Simplified financial assessment


  • Vernacular platform and educational content


  • Last mile deployment through partnerships

    Financial empathy & guidance

  • Scale & transparency

    Technology powered and community-minded

Recent work

Municipality school teachers

Urban commute providers

Private security professionals

Domestic workers